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try to do a balance equation between RM 50 and class event


I must admired that become a kt is not my aspiration

But I still try being a responsible leader for my class in
this year

Nevertheless, how could I put my effort to the event that I not
agree with that?

Oh my goodness, spend RM 50 for a dinner is such as waste,
especially those menu is seen like not delicious at all, it just make me loss
all my appetite

Yes, although spending RM 50 for our class event and a sweet
memory is quite reasonable and worth

But why we can’t fully develop the value of RM 50?

Are you thinking all of the classmates are willing to spend
such a big numbers just for eating a dinner?

I have I own wish too, I also have my own comments

Having a party during Chinese New Year is not a rational

All of the cost will be increase by dealer to make more

And we are lack of times to make a well planning

How about if I couldn’t reduce the price until RM50?

Force everyone to spend more money?

How about if Jimmy and their friends are failed to plan
their games?

Are we going to sit at there and doing nothing?

I don’t think that having a New Year dinner is necessary for
us; especially when we are made the conclusion hastily

If the objective having the dinner is just about to give a
chance for my classmates to get together and share a wonderful moment, I think
we should take a longer time to plan about it, since the party can held
anytime, anywhere

However, tomorrow I will go to debate the prices of the
dinner together with jia ling and 5S8 kt, hope I can make the deal about it, as
I promise to my classmate, save more money, cutting down the cost as much as

And sorry to jun lyn, because I will leave the club when
1345, hope you can forgive me






What is the problem with me? How dare I am to make the
careless mistake?

Why I so rushing to finished all the exercise? Why I so stubborn
to keep compete with others?

Having the speed but loses the accuracy, what is the point
and meaning?

Try to stay my mind calm but is just failed, I think I should
change my study’s environment to another better place, if not my results surely
will fall back behind drastically and can’t catch up

Having tuition everyday, but seen like it is useless for me
anymore, since I can’t concentrate during the class

I just can’t find any meaning or any reason why should I have
to study so suffering and agony

Slow in doing additional mathematics, weak in memorizing biology
and now, failed to understand the chemistry, such as idiot I am


the way, times is not going to waiting for me to heave a sigh, it always
disappear with a constant speed, second by second, quietly, smoothly, without
trap anyone attention

Just a moment, today already is 27 January, 2 weeks later we
will having our Chinese new year, and later our first term exam will coming

I don’t think I have enough time to do the revision to cover
all form 4 syllabuses and form 5 curriculums

So what should I do? Be more hard workings?  Spent more times with those reference books?

First time I feel that 24 hours is just not enough for me,
and even having a afternoon nap I also feel a little guilty……………

Who can help me to reduce my stress and change me to a
positive-thinking person?


(Stressful, hopeless and screaming)



palnning a class event


Just now came back from school, sun glared on Earth, baking
my neck, sucked out all my power

And I so tired, grossly tired………….

Today is just a breathtaking’ day, because Mr. Michael want
ask quiz about the content of Sunday Star newspaper and almost whole class was
forget about it and didn’t read anything

In the time, my class is so chaotic

Some people are rushing to read the news; some people are just
lying around and waiting for DEAD

But some people like me is just out of the situation and
totally don’t know what is going on

But luckily when Mr. Michael came to our class, he didn’t ask
any things about it

Because weng ming is success to shift the topic from quiz to
news year dinner

So we discuss about it, so the conclusion is at the below:

Day: 06/02/2010

Venue: a hotel around Catholic High School, I will find it

Time: from 1930 until 0000

Who is the head for this “project”?

Unfortunately, is me…………..such a poor guy

Why they choose me? Actually my classmate didn’t choose me, I
be given this responsibility to handle this job is just barely because I am the

My goodness………….

Time is rushing, the date is around the corner, I hope I could
finish my planning before date line

If not, I will spoil whole class event and make them

And I couldn’t bear the fault, sincerely

Hope I can give them a sweet and exhilarating memory


Someone want to help me ??? =)



Jealous make me anger, anger give me power

Don’t blame me why I have to be so negative emotional

Maybe just barely because, I just a normal human being


Just like usual, I went for additional mathematics tuition

Chit-chat with ying xuan, talking about what is going on at
school, speak ill of teacher

Suddenly teacher wants us to do revision, about chapter 3,

 Seeing the question, I
just stunned at position, my hand couldn’t write any word, and I was speechless

I can’t do all the exercise, I forget all the formula

Oh my goodness………………….

Luckily jia quan still remember all the equations and

After he teaching me a bit by bit, my memories has slowly

Thanks, jia quan, thanks for your patient, if not I surely
can’t finished all the question in time

Another things, I can’t concentrate when teacher are

I could listen what teacher is saying, but I just can’t
understand what teacher are talking

Feeling like the words flying around my ear, so frustrated, so
annoying …………….

I make the request to teacher, hoping she will put down the
speed a bit

But she just simply ignored my needs……………………….

Fortunately, ying xuan is sitting beside me

At least I have someone accompany when I was doing exercise

Must admired that, she is a clever and intelligent girl

Doing exercise with her is my most enjoyable things in
tuition classes…………

Although I always blame her that she always delays our work

But actually that was my entire fault………….

Thanks ying xuan, without you in the class, I can’t imagine
how bored the classes are

By the way

Why I so stupid and forgetful?

I tried to become a better person, score a higher result

Achieve the goal that I set for this year

But I feel like hopeless, feel like the target is too far
away from me

Just like the fish hoping to fly in the sky and the bird want
dive into the sea

And DEAD, are the only results for them

And for me, too

After all, I feel meaningless and tired to achieve the
target that I can’t achieve

Am I just over estimating my talent?